Contrary to what some people think, maintaining a classic car is not about keeping it nice and clean indoors. More importantly than that is to treat and preserve your vehicle’s engine, keeping the fluids in check and driving it as often as you can. The secret to keeping your classic running and looking great is as simple as following a regularly scheduled maintenance routine and getting it checked by the professionals at Dave & Rays Automotive repair in Omaha, Nebraska.

Classic Car Maintenance Tips

When it comes to owning a classic car, the trick is getting into the routine of not only performing regular maintenance duties but also learning to watch out for signs that the car may be in need of repair before things get more serious. For the prudent vehicle owner, the extra love and care will pay off in spades in years of enjoyment and the type of driving experience that just can’t be replaced with a newer vehicle model.

Classic Car Maintenance Tips #1: Prevent Rust at All Costs

The #1 threat that you must remain vigilant against is — as you may have guessed — that wily old enemy known as rust. Indeed, rust is something that even new car owners need to keep top of mind, let alone classic car owners. Key things you need to do include:

  • pay close attention to underside and wheel areas
  • prevent moisture
  • run your car in winter
  • properly store your car
  • choose an expert restoration partner to help you target specific vulnerabilities that are unique to your car

Regular checkups

Most car collectors know a lot about mechanics and usually perform their own car maintenance. Even if maintaining your vehicle in good shape is part of your hobby as a collector, you should still have your car checked regularly by a qualified mechanic. This will avoid the occurrence of any problems down the road in consequence of you having overlooked a simple adjustment or repair that needed to be done. As well as that, a professional mechanic will also be able to easily find car parts at a better price than an average person.

Flush and Replace Cooling Fluids

At least once or more a year, vehicle owners of any stripe should ensure that their coolant structure is emptied, flushed and replaced with new fluid.

However, when it comes to classic cars, a company that specializes in Longmont air conditioning service will be best equipped to perform this at a professional level flush that will ensure that corrosion or other forms of buildup will not restrict fluid flow.

Maintain and Monitor the Differential and Related Components

When it comes to newer vehicles, it is fine to stick by the book and get fluids pertaining to the differential replaced as recommended, but when it comes to classic cars, it can be better to err on the side of caution and opt for more frequent flushings.

After all, no classic car owner wants to have to deal with the cost of transmission repair in Longmont, so the more frequently the fluids are changed, the better.

Check Brakes

Classic car brakes are essential to ensure your classic car remains in good working order. This isn’t a place to cut any corners, as they help your car remain safe and maintain value. At least twice a year, have an experienced mechanic bleed the brakes and check to make sure the brake pads aren’t unevenly wearing down your rotors.

Watch Those Ball Joints

Ball joints connect the control arm to the steering knuckle, and they should be checked according to the manufacturer scheduled maintenance, or at every oil and filter service. While a dry ball joint will quickly fail, a well greased joint can last a lifetime.

Keep Your Classic Car Covered

Investing in a top-quality cover is one of the best things you can do to maintain your classic car. Aside from helping keep out moisture (and therefore rust), a good cover can be your last, best line of defense against wind-blown objects that would otherwise cause dents or scratches. Furthermore, direct sunlight can be just as damaging to your car as extreme cold, which means that if you aren’t storing your car in a garage, barn or other enclosure, using a cover is a must.

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