Car enthusiasts and car manufacturers are constantly modifying and redesigning vehicles for speed, power, and looks. When comparing classic and modern cars, preference is usually based on an individual’s likes and desires. There are a few reasons why classic cars will always come out on top compared to modern vehicles. To make it easier when deciding on buying a classic car vs a modern car, we have laid out some factors to consider.

Are Classic Cars Better Than Modern Cars?

Older Vehicles are More Simple

Modern cars have been designed with so many additions that start to make the build of the car a lot more complex. Meanwhile, classic cars are simple with a lot less wiring and computers, making them a lot easier to maintain and perform work on. As a result, many car fanatics tend to buy classic cars as a project to work on at home.

Car Sizes

While modern cars are built to be more sturdy and durable, they are much larger in comparison to classic cars. Classic cars are small in size and lighter in weight, which is a great combination for optimal performance.

Classic Cars have Style

One of the most obvious reasons that classic cars are better is because of how stylish they are. Most individuals prefer the older and rougher looks of classic cars, whereas modern cars are chicer and smoother in appearance. Classic cars can have unique paint jobs and styles that can be changed to suit the vehicle, whereas modern cars are difficult to change without ruining the look.

You Can Experience the Vehicle Fully

Most modern cars come with different driver aids such as traction control and stability control, which make the car a lot easier to drive. Drivers of vintage cars do not need all the fancy driver aids and get the complete driving experience when taking to the streets. The owner or driver of the vehicle will tell the classic car how to drive instead of having the modern technology in new cars telling them how to drive.

Furthermore, owners of classic cars are generally better/more experienced drivers. This is because they have had to learn how to have more control over the car due to the higher risk. Modern cars almost drive themselves with less risk because of the technology.

Classic Car Fuel Economy

Although modern cars have been designed to be more fuel-efficient, taking a closer look at classic cars, you can see that their smaller engines are just as, if not more, economical on fuel. It is also easier for classic car owners to improve fuel efficiency through modifications.

Maintenance of Classic Cars

Maintaining and servicing a classic car is a lot easier due to the lesser amount of complicated parts. Because classic cars are a lot simpler, they are low maintenance. It is easier for the owner of a classic car to fix and service their own car, rather than having a modern car that will need to be sent into the shop at a higher price for labor and parts.

The Value of the Vehicle

Classic cars are affordable and are also a good investment. The value of classic cars does not depreciate and can actually grow in value, especially collectors’ models. On the other hand, modern cars are more likely to depreciate in value as opposed to appreciating in value.


The last factor as to why we believe classic cars are better than modern ones is that the insurance is a lot more affordable. When taking out insurance with a company that deals specifically with classic cars, the collector’s car insurance policy is a lot cheaper than modern vehicle insurance policies.

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