The difference between an electric vehicle and a gas-powered car isn’t just about what you will find under the hood. Electric cars and traditional gas guzzlers each have their benefits and drawbacks, which is part of the reason not everyone in the world is driving an electric car just yet. Are you still sitting on the fence between electric vehicles and gasoline-powered cars? Although electric vehicles are an environmentally-friendly option, there are some drawbacks that you won’t find with gas cars. Also, gas vehicles have certain technical advantages that most EVs do not yet have. However, electric vehicle maintenance is one of the largest differences between electric vehicles and gas cars that sets the two apart.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance vs Gas

What, exactly, is a vehicle owner looking at when a service or check-up is needed for their car? The answer is different for electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles. In this article, we will give you everything you need to know about the maintenance of your electric vehicle versus a gas-powered car.

The Electric Vehicle Revolution

Electric vehicles seemed like a dream for the future in the seventies and eighties, and some predictions from way back then got it right. Today, electric vehicles are becoming more popular to spot on roads everywhere.

Electric vehicles have advantages, including the fact that they don’t require fuel to keep going. Instead, EV owners charge the battery pack for the electric motor off specialized electricity charge points. Environmentalists agree that this is more environmentally friendly than the greenhouse gasses fossil fuels emit from gas-powered vehicles.

Electric vehicles are also a silent, comfortable drive. In comparison to driving an electric vehicle, older, gas-powered cars drive rough and are much louder. Most electric vehicles also have other modern upgrades that set them apart from gas-powered cars. Electric vehicles hook up to a smart mainframe, which can control everything from temperature to collision warning. Overall, electric vehicles are more modern cars.

Electric Vehicles: Not All Advantageous

Not everything about electric vehicles is all advantageous. While the electric car is still being refined, the entry-level electric vehicle is more expensive than the higher-end gas-powered car… at least to buy.

There are fears that electric vehicles could be easier to hack than gas-powered cars. Experts attribute this vulnerability to electric vehicle’s level of intelligence and internet connectivity. There are also some fears that electric vehicles could turn out to be more costly for the environment in other ways, such as the carbon emissions associated with coal-burning for electricity.

While electric cars are great, it’s not a complete picture yet and automakers must work to refine where the world is going with the electric car. What about electric vehicle maintenance?

Electric Cars Compared to Gas-Powered Cars

There’s one thing that gas-powered cars might still be able to do better than electric cars. Studies show that gas-powered vehicles still perform better than EVs when maintenance is necessary. Older, gas-powered cars are easier to maintain and much easier to source replacement parts for in the event of an emergency.

Because the whole world has not yet embraced electric cars, there are a lot of places in the world you could get stuck without access to EV parts. On the other hand, a traditional scrapyard could have sorted out the parts of an older car in minutes to a day or two.

Comparing Electric Vehicles vs Gas Powered Cars

If you buy an electric car to save money, it’s important to think twice about the long-term costs associated.

For most people, EV repairs are not something that can be done at home. Instead, maintenance and repairs must be done by a qualified company technician. As a result, this can further increase the maintenance costs of an electric vehicle.

Additional Information: Electric Vehicle Benefits and Considerations – U.S. Department of Energy

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