Classic cars are rare and there is a large group of people around the world that share the same love for them. There is an amazing feeling for car aficionados when experiencing their classic car. Why wouldn’t you want to share that feeling with others? The atmosphere of being at a car show is unlike any other. Car enthusiasts go to car shows to flaunt their classic cars and see what others have done to theirs. Are you a proud owner of a classic car? Are you wondering how you can get your classic car ready as a show car for others to enjoy? Well, we have got the answers for you!

How Do I Make My Classic Car a Show Car?

What Classifies As A Classic Car?

You don’t need a specific make or model, as classic cars are classified as those that are more than twenty years old. Cars that are forty years old or older are classified as vintage. The idea of a classic car is for people to take the older run-down models of cars and restore them back to their original condition or better. Car owners don’t necessarily have to be the ones to do the restoration. However, for classic cars, it is most likely that this happens unless on the rare occasion it has been cared for really well and is in good condition.

The Body of The Car

The most noticeable and first aspect of the car that the judges will see is the body of the car. That is why you should tend to the body of the car and ensure it is in pristine condition or as close as possible. Because these cars are much older, they can have some rust that has formed and some weaker parts of the body. To make your classic car a show car, you will need to tend to the rust by removing it and replacing the parts.

Spotless Interior

After seeing the body of your car, judges will then want to see the inside of the car. You will need to clean every corner and crevice of your car’s interior. Having a spotless interior can go a long way in terms of how judges will grade your classic car. Having a spotless interior will better your chances as there is less for the judges to try and criticise the car about. A clean interior will show the judges how well you take care of the car and also represents the pride you have in the classic.

Engine Compartment

Now the mechanical part of the car! We tend to not worry about the cleanliness of what’s under the hood, but when it comes to having a show car, it should be of high importance. There is a lot involved in the mechanics of the car, especially the engine. Opening the hood to a clean engine that runs smoothly will do you well when it comes to the judges scoring. Because the classic cars have older mechanics, it can sometimes prove difficult to make the engine perfect. The way in which the engine is built, maintained, and cleaned will show the dedication and time that you have put into the vehicle.

Display Your Vehicle Accordingly

The way in which the car is presented is key to how the judges will score the car. Being creative will work in your favor as you can display the car to show off the important areas and make them stand out so that it catches the judges’ eyes. Some show car enthusiasts even go as far as to put the car on a floor of mirrors so that the underside is displayed as well.

Be creative and smart in the way you display your vehicle. Determine the best way to show off your car to impress the judges. Get some inspiration from car magazines and online to see the best way to display your car. You might also find some car show presentation tips!

Lastly, but most importantly, have fun at the car show! Look around and enjoy the atmosphere of all the classic car enthusiasts around you!

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