If you spend a lot of time on the road (and even if you don’t), it’s important to keep your vehicle in great condition at all times. A car that’s running rough is a vehicle that isn’t running properly. It may be making odd noises, experiencing more vibrations or overall having lower performance. If your car is running rough and you continue to drive it without making the proper fixes, it can cost you a significant amount of money down the road. Or, at worst, a car in rough condition can cause an accident when you lose control of basic driving functions.

How do you know it’s time to send your car to the auto shop?

How Do You Diagnose a Car Running Rough?

#1: Heavier Fuel Consumption

Vehicle manufacturers are able to provide you with an estimate of the car’s average fuel consumption. Even if you haven’t looked, most drivers know the approximate amount of fuel their car uses. If your vehicle’s fuel economy changes, then you should take your car to a local auto body shop and have a mechanic take a closer look under the hood.

Heavier fuel consumption than usual could signal sudden problems with your engine. It is best to have a professional take a look at any issue that involves the engine of your car.

#2: Overheating Issues

Is your car experiencing issues with overheating? If so, this is one more issue that should encourage you to take a look under the hood.

Overheating, much like fuel consumption changes in your vehicle, can mean that your engine is taking more strain than it can handle. Repetitive overheating issues can mean that you have a larger problem. If this is the case with your vehicle, take it in for an inspection at a local auto shop sooner rather than later.

#3: Producing Smoke

While most cars produce minimal emissions, cars should never produce excessive amounts of smoke out of the back-end. Smoke that comes out of your car is almost never a good thing.

Sometimes, a vast amount of smoke can mean that your exhaust is faulty, or that your engine needs a cleaning. Smoke can also be a sign of more serious combustion issues.

If your car is producing more smoke out of the exhaust than usual, see a local auto mechanic. If your car starts to produce smoke coming from under the hood, it’s time to stop, turn off the car, and call for roadside assistance.

#4: Creating Noise

Noise is a wonderful diagnostic tool for car mechanics. Always make a note of any noises that your car starts making if they are unusual and report them to your auto mechanic. The type of noise a car makes (such as clicking versus wheezing) can tell your auto professional almost everything they should know about the issue.

Most of the time, noise refers to blockages, leaks, or components that are malfunctioning.

For drivers who don’t have experience with car maintenance, get your car to a local auto shop before more costly issues arise.

#5: Driver’s Intuition

Driver’s intuition can also sometimes help to diagnose a car that’s running rough. The simple fact is that drivers know their cars better than anyone else. Any driver should know when their car starts to do something it hasn’t done before.

If your car behaves in any way that you aren’t used to, it’s time to stop at a professional auto shop near you and get it checked out.

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