There is nothing worse than getting into your car on a freezing cold, Nebraska day only to discover that your heater is not blowing hot air. A broken car heater isn’t just a nuisance, but it can also be downright dangerous. Driving around Omaha in subzero temperatures for a prolonged period of time can actually be hazardous to your health. Moreover, if your car heater is broken and your windows need to be defrosted, well, you could be in a dangerous predicament. How can you fix your car if it has no heat blowing out?

How do You Fix a Car with No Heat?

If your car heater isn’t working properly, you’re definitely going to want to fix it right away. While you could take it to the mechanic, you might be wondering if there are DIY fixes beforehand. So, what should you do when your car heater isn’t working? Below, you’ll find some simple suggestions and tips that may help get your vehicle’s faulty heater working properly again.

Check the Coolant

While different makes and models function differently, the way in which all car heaters work is basically the same. The heating system blows the hot air that the engine generates into the interior of the vehicle. That said, a working cooling system is essential, as it’s the coolant that helps to direct the hot air into your car’s cabin.

As such, the first thing you’re going to want to do when your heater isn’t working is to check your coolant levels. Check your owner’s manual for more information. If the coolant levels are low, simply add some more coolant, and hopefully, that will do the trick.

Check the Water Pump or Temperature Gauge

If the coolant wasn’t the problem, the next thing you should check is the water pump. If the water pump is malfunctioning, rather than directing hot air into your cabin, your vehicle will overheat.

Check the temperature gauge to see if your car is overheating. If the gauge isn’t unusually high, the thermostat may be broken. Pop open the hood, locate and follow the top radiator hose that connects to the engine. Here, you’ll find the thermostat, which is held in with bolts. Change it out for a new one.

Heater Corse, Valves, and Hoses

When you turn on the heat, the fan is working, and it is blowing cold air or lukewarm air out of the vents, there may be a clog in the heater core. Pop the hood and you’ll find the hoses to the heater core either in the center or on the passenger side of your vehicle.

Carefully feel the hoses, they should be hot. If one is hot and one isn’t, a valve may have gone bad. If that’s the case, you can replace the valve. Are the valves in your vehicle cable-operated? If so, changing them is easy, as they can simply be popped out of place, reattach, and voila! – You’re ready to go!

If the valves are functioning properly, a clog in the core or the hose may be the problem. Use a garden hose set to low pressure to flush out the core and remove any clogs.

Blend Door Actuator

Directly underneath the dashboard of your vehicle, you’ll find a little door that directs cooled and heated air into the cabin, depending on the temperature setting. This door may have come loose or it may be damaged.

Turn the temperature as high as it will go and then quickly move it back down. If you hear a knocking sound when you reach the high setting and the low setting, the blend door is popping shut. Or, if you hear a gear-stripping, clicking-like noise, the actuator could be broken.

If you aren’t certain or if you’re sure that’s the problem and you don’t know how to correct it, head to a local auto mechanic to diagnose the issue.

Common Car Heater Problems

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