Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of vehicle accidents to happen on United States roads, and thousands of them happen every year: Many of them might happen to someone you know – but eventually, one of them will happen to you. Accidents like these can happen for many reasons: While you might not be the one at fault for causing the accident, usually both involved parties (and sometimes more) walk away from a rear-end collision with damage to their cars.

If you’ve been involved in a rear-end collision, stop and check the people first: Is everyone okay? Once you’ve established this, take a look at the vehicles involved in the accident. Even if vehicles appear to be fine at a quick glance, it’s recommended that you still get your car checked out by an expert auto shop.

Rear-End Collisions Hidden Problems

Rear-end collisions can cause plenty of issues with your vehicle that might not be visible from the outside, but become apparent as you drive your car over the next few days to weeks after the accident: Some of these issues can be extremely dangerous to the safety of the driver.

Been in a rear-end accident? Here are some of the potential Rear-End Collisions Hidden Problems.

Structural Damage to the Vehicle

Structural damage to the vehicle that you might not be able to see with the naked eye is one of the first important things to think about if you have recently been in a rear-end collision. When you’re involved in an accident, your vehicle takes most of the impact – and even though the damage might appear to be cosmetic or only affecting the paint, unseen structural damage might be hiding somewhere else.

After a rear-end collision, first, check the people involved, then seek the right kind of help for your car.

Damage to the Wiring or Lights

Damage to the wiring or lights is very common in rear-end accidents, and often the damage will only weaken or slightly loosen a connection somewhere in the vehicle. This means that everything looks fine immediately after the accident, but these connections now have the ability to snap later on – where they can cause serious issues.

Wiring damage isn’t limited to the back or brake lights of your vehicle, but can also extend to other parts of the vehicle such as the computer (or old-fashioned instrument panel). Sometimes wiring damage can be dangerous to the driver and impair their ability to operate the vehicle.

It’s another reason to stop by the auto shop if you have been involved in a recent accident.

Potential Damage to the Brakes

If you’re rear-ended hard enough in the event of an accident, this can also cause very serious damage to the rest of your vehicle that you might not see – and that might get you involved in a more serious accident later. Damage to the brakes (and other essential parts of the vehicle) might not be obvious immediately after you were in an accident, but if the damage is there, it increases your risk of a more serious and potentially fatal accident later on.

Any involvement in an accident should mean you stop by a nearby auto repair shop to get the all-clear for your car.

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