In many ways, electric cars promise to be the future. It seems almost archaic at times to think that we’re still driving around on the remains of decomposed animals and plants. On the other hand, electric cars are considerably cleaner while also running almost silently and being extremely pleasant to drive. What about repairing electric cars?

Repairing Electric Cars, Things to Consider?

While electric cars might be the future, they haven’t quite conquered the present here yet. One of the reasons for this, is that a lot of people are still concerned about the process of getting these vehicles repaired. So do you need to worry? Just what is the deal with repairing electric cars? Let’s consider.


Not every mechanic is going to be able to repair every car! This is something to keep in mind when you buy anything that is a little out of the ordinary. Electric cars are very different from gas vehicles, and as such they will require specialist training and expertise. Before you buy electric, it might be worth consulting with local garages to find out if someone there is able to handle the electric vehicle! A lot of this comes down to safety. Due to the fact that electric cars use such a big battery, it is of course possible that this could lead to a shock or even an explosion. Trained mechanics are taught to use special gloves, protective body suits, and more.

Right to Repair

Even where the mechanic is able to repair engine issues and other problems with your new car, there is still the possibility that you won’t be legally allowed to make any change you want to your vehicle. That’s because software can be copyrighted, thereby preventing owners from legally making changes to on-board computers. While these computers aren’t strictly necessary for electric cars, most electric cars do also include other higher-end features, which in turn means a lot more that can go wrong and a lot fewer people who can help!


The battery itself causes other issues too. Did you know for example that it is generally recommended that you replace your battery ever 10-20 years? This can be an issue if you’re buying second hand, and is something that could drastically increase costs for you.

Insurance and More

Insuring your electric car could well be more expensive owing to its unique nature – especially if you’re choosing fully comprehensive. Many other services are likewise less familiar with electric cars, making it harder to find great rates.

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