Act first and ask questions later. In effect, this is what you are doing when you drive a new car before reading the owner’s manual. The first thing you should do when you get a new car home from the showroom is read through the owner’s manual. In this article, we’ll go over the reasons why it’s important for you to read the owner’s manual.

Should I Read My Car’s Owner’s Manual?

Car 101

It might have been obvious on the way home from the car lot where the turning indicators are. However, do you know how to activate the hazard lights? How do the windshield wipers turn on and how many settings do they have? Where is the spare tire? Did it come with tools to change a wheel? Does it even have a spare wheel? How can the driver’s seat be adjusted? These are all very important, basic questions that need to be answered before you start driving a new car around town (before shooting).

Fuel for Thought

Some new car owners don’t know where the fuel flap is. Or, if they do, they don’t know how to open it. Some cars require a button to be pressed, while others pull open. The owner’s manual will also specify the type or grade of gas that your car runs on. Equally important is information about the size of the gas tank and how many gallons are in the red zone reserve. This information is vital when you are on the road in the middle of nowhere.

Yes and No

The owner’s manual will make clear exactly what your new car can and can’t do. If you have upgraded the same car model, find out what improvements were made. Take time to sit in the car with the manual and go through all the features of the dashboard like the fuel gauge and air conditioning. Read how to adjust the side mirrors before trying to adjust them manually. These days the adjusting is done electronically. Lastly, tune the radio while parked, not while driving.

Servicing and Repairs

Has it been a long time since you bought a new car? It is vital that you understand how the car can be repaired. These days, cars have computers that will diagnose problems when linked to a diagnostic system. This means that not just anybody can work on your car. If they do, but can’t find the problem, there is a chance they might have voided the warranty of the car.

Reading is Warranted

Understanding the terms of the warranty is another great reason for reading the owner’s manual. A warranty will specify who can work on the car, as well as what the dealership is responsible for and what you will be charged for during regular car maintenance.

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