Car maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your car. It’s also one of the most essential things you can do for your safety on the road. In addition, there are other benefits to keeping your vehicle in good condition, including discounts on your insurance for being a more responsible car owner. So here’s an easy winter car maintenance checklist to help protect your vehicle from the harsh weather ahead.

Winter Car Maintenance Checklist

Have you sent your car in for a service yet?

Skipping out on vehicle maintenance could be detrimental to the value of your car, and to how safe it operates when on the road. If you don’t maintain your vehicle, then your car is more likely to break down (or to let you down) when you can’t afford it.

Here’s what you should know about winter vehicle maintenance – and how you can be sure you’re being treated fairly by your nearest auto repair shop.

How Often Should I Maintain My Vehicle?

A full vehicle service is recommended at least once every season of the year. Conditions around the vehicle (like atmospheric temperature) change around this time of year. This can affect how the vehicle runs – and it’s also a good time to check cars for the regular wear and tear that happens throughout the year. Things like tire pressure, car battery lifespan and the car’s brakes should be checked around this time. Any components that can wear should be looked over to check their condition.

Why Is Winter Car Maintenance Important?

Cars can take more of a beating on the roads during the winter months. Even when standing still, a car experiences different types of stress than when the temperatures are warmer. It can cause wear, and if you haven’t prepared your car for the eventuality of the temperature drop, you might be left by the side of the road.

What then? Nobody wants that to happen, especially not during winter weather. If you keep your car in good condition, then you are much less likely to experience the possibility of a vehicle breakdown.

What Gets Done For A General Car Service?

A general car service is exactly that. Instead of checking only one aspect of the car, an expert checks the vehicle as a whole to ensure that it’s in good running condition and safer on the road. It’s the car equivalent of seeing your doctor for a general appointment. If there are any underlying issues, now is a good time to see and fix them.

Is A Service Only Important For Older Cars?

A regular service is crucial for the health of every car. It’s true for both older and newer vehicles. If you are purchasing an older vehicle, insist on seeing its service booklet. This provides more information on when the car was serviced. If the booklet is not available, assume that the car will need service immediately.

What Can Happen If I Skip Winter Car Maintenance?

It’s not a good idea to postpone or skip seasonal car maintenance. We all rely on our vehicles to be in working condition. A service makes sure that it is. If you don’t service your car when it’s time, you can’t be surprised if your car lets you down later.
Unmaintained vehicles can also be a possible danger on the road. Components can fail, and accidents can happen. Often, accidents could have been stopped with vehicle service.

How Do I Choose An Honest Auto Repair Shop?

Reviews and recommendations from happy customers can help to direct you towards a reliable auto shop in your area. Steer clear of stores that don’t provide business registration info in the open, or ones that don’t come recommended or reviewed. Ask for individual billing, and ask that the shop confirms before any other repairs or replacements are done. This ensures that you can see exactly what you’re paying for, and it avoids any possible hidden costs.

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