Did you know it’s possible to start your car to warm up the interior and melt the snow and ice without getting out of bed? In the summer, you can also start the air conditioning remotely to cool down the interior. Today, remote key fob technology and cell phone applications make it possible. The system can even be retrofitted into cars that didn’t come with one. While basic systems can turn a car on and off, advanced systems enable extra security and convenience features. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to consider while deciding if it is worth installing a remote start on your vehicle.

Is It Worth Installing Remote Start?


The advantages of remote starter systems extend beyond warming up or cooling down the interior of the car. Unlocking the car in the rain, or a dark street or parking lot at night, without the frantic need to dig through pockets and empty handbags searching for keys, is one advantage that adds safety and convenience.

Two-way remote start systems also allow you to check if the engine is running or not. If your vehicle has quietly stalled you can quickly restart it. Another benefit of remote control start is that the car can remain locked while running. In turn, this makes it more difficult to be stolen. The remote start security system also allows you to run into the store while your pets stay in an air-conditioned car. Another great feature is the ability to unlock your car when your arms are full of grocery bags.


The cost of remote start systems can be a disadvantage, depending on the sophistication of the model you would like to install. Cars with manual transmissions can prove challenging to install a 2-way remote start system. There is also the not-so-hidden cost of the fuel being used to heat up or cool down the car.

Another hidden cost is the extra wear and tear on the engine as it stands idling. A vehicle running on idle adds stress to the engine. In turn, this can reduce the life of the engine. This is more so the case in summer when using the radiator to cool the engine.

Is Remote Start Installation Worthwhile?

One last thing to consider is the additional carbon emissions polluting the air while the car is idling. Deciding whether or not to install a remote start on your vehicle is not an easy choice. However, if you are out early chipping away the ice, it might be an easier decision.

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